How can I control my mood swings

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can I control my mood swings

In my previous article Causes of mood swings I explained how mood swings happen as the result of receiving an external input that reminds us of an already existing problem that has no current solution.

For example if a girl was not satisfied with her self image because she was overweight and then on her way to work she saw an advertisement displaying a slim model displayed her mood might swing.

Its clear that the more unsolved problems you have the more likely your mood will swing because of the increased number of external inputs you will encounter that will remind you of them. In this article I will tell you about a very effective method that will help you control your mood swings and even prevent them from happening.

How long term planning can help you control your mood swings

Suppose that the girl in the previous example met a good weight loss doctor who gave her effective advice for losing weight and that she started losing some of the extra pounds already. Do you think her mood will swing the next time she sees the same advertisement?

This will never happen because as soon as she encounters that ad she will remember her long term plan that she is following and so she won’t feel bad.

After all mood swings are just signals that are sent to remind us of problems that we aren't dealing with. In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression I explained how ignoring your problems without setting long term plans that help you solve them can be the main cause for depression.

once your mind finds that you have a plan that can solve the problem you just remembered then it won't swing your mood nor it will let you become depressed.

This brings us to a very important conclusion, the presence of a long term plan can prevent mood swings from occurring. If you tried to monitor your feelings you will discover that most of the things that bother you in life and that change your mood are small things that remind you of already existing big problems.

Having a long term focus

People who have a short term focus usually experience mood swings on daily basis depending on the the events that happen each day. This means that if Monday had pleasant events they will feel happy but if a bad thing happened on Tuesday then their mood will swing and they will feel really bad. (see Why do we feel bad?.

The main reason your mood can swing on a day by day basis is that there is no long term plan to calm you down whenever something goes wrong. If you were already on a diet then someone told you that you must lose weight you won’t feel that bad compared to the feelings you would have experienced if you were not on a diet at all.

In short, having long term plans can be the pain killer that reduces the intensity of the daily unwanted events and can be one of the strongest tools that can help you in controlling your mood swings.

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