Why am i so fat

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why am i so fat

No its not because you eat too much but its because there are lots of reasons that force you to eat too much.

When trying to combat obesity most people do the same mistake of trying to change their eating habits without paying attention to the fact that their eating habits are just the result of deeply rooted psychological problems.

Lots of those who overeat do it without even feeling Hungary and thus the “I love food” excuse is not valid at all.

Some people eat to regulate their mood, others eat to escape from their problems while a third group eat to give themselves a sense of control over what they are doing!!

In my book The ultimate guide to weight loss I explained how the bad eating habits can be nothing more than a result of the person’s inability to control his mood and to cope with life problems.

You are fat because you have emotional problems

I know that you love food but if you kept an open eye on your eating habits you will find that out of each 10 times you eat 9 of them will be because of emotional reasons. (see Binge eating disorder).

There are also other life style related habits that result in poor eating habits and thus lead to obesity. For example, social withdrawal might lead to internet addiction or television addiction and since both types of addiction involve sitting for prolonged periods the person might start to gain weight.

Don’t blame your genes! Yes you have more tendency to gain weight and accumulate fats than other people but still there are lots of people like you who succeeded in maintaining a healthy body shape.

Diet will not work

Stop focusing on your eating habits and stop trying to control your diet. The only case where diet can be successful is when you can do it while feeling happy. Some people go on a diet for years in order to lose weight and sadly as soon as the diet stops the lost pounds return back. (see Diet does not work).

Not because the diet wasn’t effective but because the other underlying habits and the emotional reasons that lead to overeating weren’t lost with the pounds that they lost.

If you want to lose weight then focus on eliminating the reasons that make you overeat instead of trying to control the food intake itself.

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