Effects of television addiction

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Let's Fight

Few weeks ago I went to see Jackie Chan’s movie “The forbidden kingdom”. I really liked the movie so much and I never expected to come out of it feeling eager to resume my martial arts training. Since I watched that movie I started watching Aikido videos almost every night in order to restore back my old skills.

This was really weird for me since I stopped the Aikido training three years ago because of wanting to free more time for the gym. It was clear that Jackie Chan’s movie has programmed my mind in such a way that I became eager to do something that I stopped doing years ago.

Fortunately Aikido is a good thing but what if I saw a movie like "saw IV" then felt like wanting to cut my best friend into two halves? Definitely I won't do this but I am sure that watching such movies over and over changes something in the brain and the in the way we think.

Effects of television addiction

Television addicts exist everywhere from the Far East to the USA. Those people watch television on daily basis for three hours or more and sometimes have to drop important activities just to be able to watch television for few more hours.

The dangers of television addiction are really bigger than what you could imagine and the following few examples will show you what television addiction can do to your life:

    Programming your mind: Just as watching Jackie Chan’s movie programmed my mind the movies that you watch will program your mind too whether you want or not. Watch a lot of drama and you will become a cry boy, watch a lot of action movies and you might become violent or watch a lot of horror movies and you might start to believe in ghosts.
  • Changing your beliefs about life : Why do so many people want to get rich in two weeks? Why are keywords such as “How to become a billionaire over night” are among the popular search keywords? Why do people feel really bad when they get rejected for the first time?? Movies have taught us that good guys fail, face problems but usually solve them before the end of the movie. It never takes the Good guy more than few days to move from poverty to wealth, from being unknown to being famous and from being sad to being absolutely happy. When your beliefs about life change you start to assume that life events should be similar to the events you saw in the movies but unfortunately this only results in disappointment. The most famous example out of them all is not being able to get over someone just because of thinking that he was the one. In my book How to get over anyone in few days i described how the media can program our minds with beliefs that hinders recovery such as "the one" or "the soul mate".
  • Depressing You: Watching television for extended periods of time have been linked to depression. Moreover this depression might prevent you from being able to stop watching TV and so a cycle of depression and television addiction is developed.
  • Makes you feel guilty : Usually television addiction is associated with delaying important tasks or wasting time that should be allocated to your family. This results in feelings of guilt that keep increasing in intensity as you keep watching.
  • Negative thinking: 99% of the news that appear on Television is negative. Lots of movies and TV series have negative messages embedded within. Being subjected to such negative messages and news results in bad feelings and in even turning you into a negative thinker.

Final words about television addiction

Television addiction is really bad and can result in dramatic changes in your mood and life style.

The problem with television addiction is that it might not appear as dangerous as nicotine or drug addiction but when taking a deeper look you will find that it could have a damaging impact on your life. Break this habit before it breaks you.

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