There is no hope

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

There is no hope

One of my life goals is to motivate people who have lost hope and to help them find it once again. I never depend on positive thinking, affirmations or mere wishes to help people find hope but instead i give them solid facts that proves to them that everything is really possible.

One of the things that makes me feel bad is finding someone who feels completely helpless and who tells me that there is no hope for him. I decided to write this article to show those people that hope is always there.

Why do people lose hope?

Based upon years of experience in coaching i came across the key points that hold people back and that could make them lose hope. If you managed to avoid these key points then you will find hope once again:

  • Not understanding how success works: A large percentage of the people who have lost hope don't understand that success can only be achieved after a big number of failures. A normal person usually tries once or twice then loses hope completely without understanding that success might be few tries away. Its all about trial an error, that's how we learned how to walk when we were children, that's how we learned to drive a car and that's how success works (see Challenge your failure)
  • False beliefs: No one can succeed at that age, its so hard to change, i can never quit smoking or life is unfair. False beliefs don't only let people lose hope but they let them believe that they have done their homework!! If you want to regain hope then you must question these false beliefs, find their origins and test them before you believe in them. Most probably you will find that you were living a big lie (see How to get rid of false beliefs)
  • Big ears: One of the funny but sad things i always come across while coaching people is finding someone who has lost hope in doing something that he had never attempted to do before!!! When i ask this person further questions i discover that he has lost hope because of acquiring the beliefs from his friends, colleagues or parents without even testing them!!!
  • Loss of hope: Helplessness and hopelessness are two sides of the same coin. The more you feel that you are not in control of your life the more you will lose hope (provided that you are not optimistic) Learning how to regain control of your life is an essential skill that will allow you to find hope once again
  • Self deception and laziness: Sometimes its easier to claim that there is no hope than to admit that you didn't try hard enough. Some people who have lost hope never tried hard enough, never dedicated enough resources to achieve their goals and didn't bother to learn the skills that they lack (see Self deception)

Hope was always there, the problem is with your mind

Hope is always there but you will never find it before you manage to change your way of thinking and before you take serious actions to improve your life.

Lying in bed and claiming that there is no hope might make you feel comfortable for a short period of time but on the long run it will ruin your life.

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