How to stop wasting time

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to stop wasting time

How many times you wanted to do something but failed to begin?
How many late tasks you should have finished by now?
Do you find yourself unable to catch up with your friends who get things done?

Time is the most precious asset you have and even though most people are aware of this fact still some of them keep wasting time.

Most people don't waste time on intention but instead they do some mistakes that kills their time without noticing and that's why in this article i will point out these mistakes in order to tell you how to stop wasting time.

Why do i waste time?

Here are the most common underlying reasons for wasting time:

  • Waiting for the mood: How many times have you delayed a task because you wanted to wait for the right mood to come? let me tell you a fact, this right mood might never come and even if it came it won't last forever. By waiting for the mood you are deciding to only work as long as you are feeling happy and so your tasks will never be completed in a short period of time. People who get things done aren't the ones who are always in the mood but instead they are the people who go against their moods.
  • Waiting for the right time to start: Just as the right mood rarely comes the right time to start rarely comes too. If you are afraid of failure or if you believe that the task you want to do is hard then your subconscious mind might fool you into believing that you are waiting for the right time instead of facing you with the truth!! If you want to stop wasting time then you should be brave enough to face the real reasons that are preventing you from taking actions
  • What are your goals?: If you don't have any goals then why are you bothering to read about time management? after all the only use of time is to utilize it to reach your goals but if you don't have any goals then go on and waste your time because you don't need it at all.
  • Being Focused is the key: The biggest mistake people do while trying to complete a task is not being focused 100% on it. If you answer your phone, check your mail, open facebook or even reply to an sms while doing a certain task then the task will never be completed on time. If you want to meet your deadlines then forget about everything else except the task that you are doing right now
  • Do you have a list?:If you don't have a clearly defined list of tasks then you would never be able to complete your work on time. The confusion that would result from not knowing what to begin with will waste most of your time and reduce your productivity

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