How to become productive

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become productive

I have always been wondering why I do the things that take others months in just few days. I knew it’s not related to intelligence because there are lots of very intelligent people out there who never seem to complete the tasks they have or achieve their goals.

After thinking for a while about the reason that is making me more productive than all of the people I know without exceptions I discovered that staying focused is the main reason behind it.

Staying focused & increasing productivity

Do I wake up late sometimes? Yes it happens but why do I always manage to complete my tasks even when I wake up late?

When I start working, I put my mobile phone aside, i rarely answer anybody, i never check facebook, I close my room’s door and tell everyone in the house that the door should not be opened until i come out.

I never turn on the television, I never think about marketing for the website while I am writing the articles and I never think about writing while I am marketing them.

Staying focused is the key to preventing procrastination and it’s the key to completing your tasks in shorter periods of time than others who waste time.

Why are some people productive and why most people aren’t?

When I was still in college I noticed that some of my friends take 6 hours to study the same amount of pages that I study in half an hour.

At the beginning I thought that they were slow learners but when I studied with them in the same place I found that out of these 6 hours they spend in front of the books only half an hour is spent on studying and the rest is spent on other tasks like, cleaning their desks, preparing the papers, side talks, TV, useless phone calls and Internet use.

Becoming more productive doesn’t require you to work for 12 hours per day but It just requires that your one hour of work becomes 100% utilized. Your current working hour might be equal to 45, 30 or even 10 minutes depending on the amount of procrastination you do and your focusing abilities. (see Procrastination, the art of wasting time

Make your one hour become truly one hour and you will become much more productive. The secret to my high productivity is that my one working hour = one working hour.

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