Taking Responsibility for Your Life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Whose Responsibility Is This?

Are you happy? Are you satisfied with everything in your life? Don’t you wish you had something more? Of course you do! I'm sure that there must be many things that are bothering you, but the question is, who is responsible for everything that is happening to you now?

The answer is simple: you. You are the one behind everything. This bad mood you are currently in, this unsatisfying social life and these financial problems that resulted from a seemingly chronic low income are the result of your own belief system, as well as the decisions you took and the goals you have set.

No, God Is the One Responsible for Everything!!

Whenever I tell someone that he is responsible for all aspects of his life, he answers saying: “No, God is the one behind it all”. This is usually the response i use to answer those people:

When you feel hungry, what do you usually do? Don’t you go the refrigerator and find something to eat? Why don’t you say that God is responsible for bringing you food? Why do you eat with a spoon instead of saying that God will make the food jump into my mouth?

You are doing so because you know that God sends the food as well as the tools and utensils needed to eat them. Whether or not you use these tools is something that is up to you. Your problems are nothing more than the result of the poor use of the tools available to you.

If you are feeling bad then most probably you didn’t use a tool that could have made your life better and the same applies to everything else in your life.

Sometimes You Don’t Have much Control over your life

Other people come telling me that sometimes they don’t have much control over the unwanted events that happen to them. This statement is correct but it isn't the whole truth.

You may not be able to prevent yourself from being laid off from work but you can improve your skills and search for another job. You may not be able to prevent yourself from failing to do something but you can try again and again until you finally achieve it.

You may not be able to prevent the death of a loved one but you can get closer to God and learn how to accept what happened. You may not be able to choose what’s happening to you, but you are 100% responsible of choosing the way you are going to deal with it.

Taking Responsibility for Your Life

If you keep thinking of yourself as a victim your subconscious mind will turn these thoughts into beliefs and you will end up convinced that you have no control over anything that is happening to you.

These beliefs are the tools that your subconscious mind uses to protect your comfort zone. I just want you to imagine that you are fully responsible for everything that is happening to you. If you convinced yourself to do this then your behaviour will change.
Will you wake up late? Will you stop working hard? Will you lose motivation?

No. In fact, the exact opposite will happen. You will find yourself becoming much more motivated and much more energetic. Before you took responsibility, your subconscious mind found no reason to motivate you. After all, what is the benefit of motivating someone who isn’t responsible for anything that is happening around him?

After you take responsibility for your life your subconscious mind will discover that lots of things can change if you worked a little harder. That’s why it will start to motivate you to achieve your goals. Taking responsibility for your life is the first step towards solving all of your problems.

If you don’t want to take responsibility for your life, and if you don’t want to admit that you are the one behind everything that is happening to you then don’t do it but don't expect anything in your life to change to the better.

Taking responsibility is the first step towards solving any problem while running from responsibility will provide a perfect excuse for your subconscious mind to remain inactive and do nothing.

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