How to motivate yourself instantly

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to motivate yourself instantly

Can someone change his mood instantly?
Can a depressed person become motivated in seconds and even jump out of bed filed with energy?

Yes this can happen but you won't be able to do it before you understand how lack of motivation happens.

What will happen if you placed a pile of large metal weights on the stomach of a person who was lying on his back? If that person couldn't lift these weights then he won't be able to push them and get up.

now what does this has to do with lack of motivation? In fact people lose motivation when the same pile of weights forces them to keep lying down, but the weights in such a case are formed of a different thing; A set of limiting beliefs!

Beliefs, lack of motivation and depression

Lets suppose that you wanted to lose weight and that you believed that diet wont work for you. In such a case you would never become motivated to start a diet.

Now what if you believed that you don't have a strong will as well, won't that belief put you down even more? Of course this is going to happen.

Limiting beliefs keep piling up until they bring a strong man down!

How to charge a depressed person with energy

As soon as you try to motivate a depressed person he will quickly respond with his negative beliefs. The same thing happens when a depressed person listens to a motivating song.

The words of the song try to put the person up but his subconscious mind replies back with limiting beliefs and thus he stays down.

That's why most people fail to motivate themselves using music and even feel worse after listening to motivating songs. (see also Music for depression)

The song in such a case does nothing apart from reminding the person of his own limiting beliefs. The man who believes that he is too old for success will most likely feel worse if he listed to a motivating song or if he tried to repeat affirmations such as i can be successful. (see Why affirmations don't work)

Unless that external source or song touches the limiting belief directly and proves it wrong. The man in that previous example might become extreemly motivated if he knew that colonel Sanders started at the age of 64 and built a large multinational called Kentucky fried chicken! (see I am too old to start over)

The art of using external input to motivate yourself

Of course the man in the previous example won't jump out of bed when he hears about this story unless the only limiting belief he had was that he can't succeed at an old age.

So to sum it all together, you can instantly motivate yourself if you found an external source that targets your limiting beliefs directly and proves them wrong.

That external source could be a song, a movie, a poem, an inspiring story,a verse of a holy book, a quote or even few motivating words!

That external source should also resonate with your current emotions. For example if you were feeling down then listening to something that says that life is bright and full of joy will certainly put you down even more. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people who lacked confidence felt even worse after repeating self confidence affirmations because these affirmations only reminded them of their real weaknesses.

In short find an external source that acknowledges your pain but in the same time helps you prove all of your limiting beliefs wrong. If you found the right match then you will jump out of bed right after you read it or listen to it.

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