Limiting beliefs examples

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Limiting beliefs examples

Limiting beliefs can't just limit your success potential but they can make your life miserable. Because limiting beliefs are hard to spot as they are usually disguised in the form of true beliefs it makes a lot of sense to see some limiting beliefs examples so that you can recognize the ones you have.

I have said before that the difference between a successful person who is capable of achieving his goals and a helpless person who can do nothing is their belief system.

Because such beliefs are that dangerous i decided to write this article to tell you about examples of limiting beliefs so that you can learn how to spot them and get rid of them.

Examples of limiting beliefs

Here are some examples of the most common limiting beliefs:

  • Example one, I am not lucky: Luck is an invention people made in order to find something to blame when they fail to reach what they want because of not trying hard enough or even worse not trying at all. One of the most famous examples of limiting beliefs is believing that you are not lucky.
  • Example two, I am a loser: The most dangerous thing about limiting beliefs is that they sometimes force the person to label himself. For example instead of saying i lost the person labels himself by saying that he is a loser.
  • Example three, There is no hope: After trying for one or two times and failing many people form a limiting belief that prevents them from trying once again such as it cant be done or there is no hope
  • Example four, you have to start big in order to be rich: That's another common example of a famous limiting belief. Personally my internet business made me a millionaire even though the initial investment was something like 50 dollars. See my book (How i did it).

Those were just few examples of limiting beliefs but there are tons more popular ones that are circulating between people all the time.

How to identify limiting beliefs?

You can easily identify limiting beliefs by setting bold goals then monitoring your self talk. As soon as you set a bold goal you will find negative statements flying in your mind in the form of self talk. For example if you decided to become rich you might find yourself saying something like "i can never do it because i will lose my friends if i became rich"

Limiting beliefs usually contain the word never, can't or impossible. You will also feel uneasy whenever someone says something that goes against your limiting beliefs because just as i said earlier you wont be even aware that you have limiting beliefs.

The previous examples of limiting beliefs should be able to help you identify the ones you have. The process is not easy, it requires a lot courage but in the end its worth the effort.

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