How to get rid of limiting beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to get rid of limiting beliefs

how to get rid of limiting beliefs?
Before i can answer this question i must first tell you how limiting beliefs are formed.

Limiting beliefs doesn't only affect the person who acquire them but their effect extends to infect the ones surrounding him too. In my previous article the 5 steps to reach anything you want i said that getting rid of limiting beliefs is an essential for success to happen.

Without getting rid of limiting beliefs the person who have them will live below his potential even if he can do much better.

In this article i will tell you exactly how to get rid of limiting beliefs by explaining to you how they are formed.

Getting rid of limiting beliefs by understanding them

you won't be able to get rid of limiting beliefs before understanding how people acquire them. In the next few points i will tell you how limiting beliefs are created so that you understand how to reverse the process and remove them:

    People try to fill the gaps: The human being is a very curious creature as he can't bear being exposed to something that is vague or unclear. As soon as people are faced with phenomenons that they don't understand they start forming limiting beliefs and false ones. The first step you need to do to get rid of limiting beliefs is to not make any conclusions without first acquiring enough knowledge.
  • Lack of knowledge results in limiting beliefs: If a guy didn't know how to interpret body language for example he might mistakenly believe that some people don't like him just because he incorrectly interpreted a signal. This guy formed a limiting belief because he lacked knowledge and because he made his conclusion very early. In order to get rid of limiting beliefs you must equip yourself with knowledge and never make conclusions without having enough data.
  • Limiting beliefs spread like colds: The third fact you must understand in order to get rid of a limiting belief is to know that people infect each other with their limiting beliefs just like they infect each others with colds. As soon as something that can't be explained happens lots of people acquire limiting beliefs then infect the ones surrounding them through repetition and subconscious mind programming. That also explains why in each society there might be some common limiting beliefs among most people

Steps to get rid of limiting beliefs

After knowing the previous facts its clear now that most people are mislead and living big lies because of the liming beliefs they acquired. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that most people don't succeed not because they lack any needed qualities but because their minds are full of limiting beliefs that force them to live below their potential.

If you want to rid get of limiting beliefs then you must not listen to most people,understand that the opinion of large groups is usually wrong and never make any conclusions about yourself or anything else before acquiring the missing facts.

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