How to identify self limiting beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to identify self limiting beliefs

How to identify self limiting beliefs?
There is no doubt that living with limiting beliefs can force you to live a mediocre life that is far away from your true potential and thus learning how to identify and get rid of such self limiting beliefs is the best thing you can do to yourself.

The problem with limiting beliefs is that they usually seem so real to the extent that most people find them very hard to identify. A person can hardly tell whether his deeply rooted belief is a real or limiting one and that's why i decided to write this article to tel you how to identify self limiting beliefs.

Steps to identify self limiting beliefs

Before you can identify self limiting beliefs you need to do two things, the first is to learn how to monitor your self talk and the second is to become aware of the biased judgments your subconscious mind makes all the time.

By learning how to monitor your self talk you will be able to spot the self limiting beliefs behind the conversations that takes place in your mind. For example if you found yourself saying something like "i can't do this because i am not lucky" then its clear that there is a self limiting belief about luck behind the statement.

Eliminating the bias of your subconscious mind is the second important step in identifying self limiting beliefs. Usually a person filters out all evidence that doesn't support his self limiting beliefs while keeping all other evidence.

If for example you believed that all men are cheaters then you will only remember the evidence that proves this belief true while filtering all other evidence.

You will never be able to identity the self limiting beliefs you have before you learn how to get rid of this bias.

Bringing the self limiting beliefs to the surface

Once you have developed the previous skills you can identify your self limiting beliefs by making bold arguments. If for example you said boldly something like " i will be a millionaire in three years" you will suddenly find tons of negative arguments flying in your mind.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that positive thinking never works if you tried to go against your beliefs but there is a good thing about this fact which is that you can use positive thinking to bring your self limiting beliefs to the surface.

As soon as you will set a bold goal your self limiting beliefs will show up in seconds. Write down all of the negative arguments that were brought to the surface then try to find out their underlying self limiting beliefs.

Of course not all beliefs that will show up will be limiting ones and so your job will be identifying the self limiting beliefs from ones that are based on true facts.

Once you have identified your self limiting beliefs you can go through the links below to know how to get rid of them.

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