Overcoming limiting financial beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Overcoming limiting financial beliefs

Some people are not rich because of their limiting beliefs about money and financial issues. Overcoming limiting financial beliefs is the only way that can help a person become rich.

After all The difference between a rich person and a poor person is not luck, knowledge or coincidence but its their beliefs about money. A person who has limiting financial beliefs will become trapped in an imaginary prison and he will never become rich.

If you are serious about getting rich then you must get rid of such beliefs that's why in this article i will tell you how to overcome limiting financial beliefs.

The different limiting financial beliefs

In my article about self deception i said that many people lie to themselves in order to protect their Egos. Because some people don't want to admit that they aren't rich because they didn't try hard they form limiting financial beliefs to protect their egos such as "i must lie and be dishonest in order to be rich" or "i will lose my friends if i became rich"

These limiting financial beliefs work like magic as they prevent the person from feeling bad even though he is not doing his homework.

Other people form limiting beliefs about money because of what they have been taught when they were children. We were taught in schools that money only comes after hard work and thus many people say that they don't want to be rich because of not wanting to work for 18 hours a day.

I used to have this same limiting financial belief until i started an online business where i make 10 times the amount of money my friends make by working for few hours per day if i felt like working at all. (see My book How i did it).

The third source for limiting financial beliefs is the media which usually portraits rich people as arrogant, selfish and intimidating ones. The continues programming that the media does results in shapes people beliefs and result in the formation of many limiting financial beliefs.

In my article Limiting beliefs i said that limiting beliefs are like colds in the way they spread. If a person had a limiting financial belief then he can infect his friends or colleagues with them just by talking about them.

How to overcome limiting financial beliefs

So how can you overcome limiting financial beliefs?
Overcoming any limiting belief requires a lot of courage because just as you saw limiting beliefs in many cases have the job of hiding the truth and protecting the person's ego.

As soon as you realize that you have a limiting financial belief finding opposing evidence that can help you overcome it will be very easy. I am sure you heard that bill gates donated 80% of his wealth, this fact on its own can help you overcome the limiting financial belief that states that rich people are selfish.

The evidence that can help you overcome such beliefs are present everywhere but because the mind always becomes biased towards its already existing beliefs seeing such evidence will be impossible unless you decide to.

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