Why do people deceive themselves

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

why do people deceive themselves

Why do people deceive themselves?
Contrary to common beliefs self deception is very common to the extent that most people have lied to themselves about one or more things in their lives without noticing.

Self deception usually happens on the unconscious level to help the person fulfill a certain goal and maintain psychological balance.

People are usually never aware of the fact that they are deceiving themselves and as soon as someone tries to unfold the truth to them many of them become defensive and even aggressive.

In this article i will tell you why do people deceive themselves and then tell you how can you prevent self deception.

Reasons why people deceive themselves

A person might deceive himself to protect his Ego. One of the most common examples for self deception is believing in luck. After all if a person thinks that he has failed because of luck and not because of a mistake he did then his self worth can be maintained.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that many people deceive themselves just to prevent themselves from feeling inadequate or inferior. By blaming an external factor that is not related to him the person can feel good about himself.

Some other people deceive themselves in order to maintain psychological balance. For example A person who smokes and who knows that smoking is bad will certainly feel some kind of tension whenever he smokes.

In order to release this tension the person might deceive himself by creating a lie that helps him feel good. For example this person might actually believe that smoking has some health benefits and avoid all other sources that say otherwise. (see Cognitive dissonance and smoking)

Procrastinators are among the most professional self deceivers. Those people might claim that they are waiting for the right mood or the right time while in fact they are just afraid to fail or to even test their self worth. Had those people been brave enough they would have decided to face the truth instead of hiding behind a lie.

How to prevent self deception?

As you just saw most people deceive themselves in order to escape from the truth and to protect their egos.

The only way to prevent self deception is to become brave enough by deciding that you will spot these self deception attempts and fight them.

Watching your thoughts and belief system closely will certainly help you spot any self deception attempt.

People who deceive themselves never live consciously because on doing so they start discovering the facts that they were hiding from.

If you want to prevent self deception then don't escape, be brave enough to face the truth and decide that you will change what you don't like about your life instead of living a lie.

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