Removing self limiting beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Removing self limiting beliefs

How can you remove self limiting beliefs?
In my previous article The nature of limiting beliefs I explained how beliefs are formed and how do we acquire them, in this article i will tell you how to successfully remove self limiting beliefs.

The problem with self limiting beliefs is that they appear so real to the extent that the person can hardly tell whether he has a self limiting belief or a real one. In addition to that whenever someone attempts to help a person remove his self limiting belief the person becomes anxious, very defensive and sometimes aggressive!!

In this article i will tell you how to remove self limiting beliefs the right way without triggering any defense mechanisms.

How to remove self limiting beliefs

In my previous article How beliefs are formed i explained that beliefs including self limiting ones are formed by repetition. Just as self limiting beliefs are formed by repetition they can be removed by repetitively challenging them.

The more you challenge a self limiting beliefs the more likely it is to weaken and to eventually disappear. If you were persistent enough to continue challenging the self limiting belief it will be removed.

Now the question is how can you challenge a self limiting belief?
By collecting facts that oppose this belief
By Talking to people who have opposing beliefs and spending more time with them
and by trying to do what your limiting belief has been preventing you from doing since years.

A practical example for removing a limiting belief

Lets suppose that you had a limiting belief about money such as "I can never be rich"
In such a case you have to talk to rich people and ask them how they collected their money. The more time you spend with such people the more likely is your self limiting belief to be removed as a result of knowing new facts that you weren't aware of.

After you collect the needed information you then need to try to collect money yourself. You might not succeed in the first attempt but as you make keep trying you will make a little progress.

This little progress will weaken your self limiting belief and as you keep making progress your self limiting belief will keep weakening until it will be removed.

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