Music for depression

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Music for depression

Can music ease depression or even treat it completely?
When it comes to dealing with depression people do everything to end it EXCEPT that only thing that can help them get rid of it.

This doesn't mean that music can't reduce depression but it only means that by depending on it 100% you are certainly not going to get any results.

In order to understand why music alone can never cure depression you must first get a basic understanding of depression itself.

Depression is an emotion someone gets when he loses hope in getting something that he really wanted. A man who always wanted to be rich might get depressed if he lost his money and didn't have any hope to rebuild his wealth once again.

Can music cure depressed people?

Suppose that the man in the previous example listened to music, will that affect his depression? Of course not, in fact his depression will increase because what he must be doing now is working on rebuilding hope instead of listening to music.

Unless the music that person listens to has the sole purpose of restoring hope it will never help him ease his depression.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that in order to get over depression the person needs to find out how to restore back hope in getting that thing he always wanted.

Now what people do when they get depressed is that they forget about restoring hope and start taking medications, traveling or even listening to music.

depending on music to treat depression is as if you are about to die from thirst and you are insisting that you eat chicken, beef and fish instead of looking for water!!

When can music reduce depression

Music contains suggestions that are easily absorbed by the mind provided that they don't contradict with the mind's current beliefs. If you listened to music that gave you hope and that allowed you to rise again and move after what you want then certainly your depression will ease.

Anything that can restore hope can reduce depression whether its music, religious beliefs, positive thinking that is based on facts (not affirmations) or anything else.

So the quick answer is, if you are looking for music to help you treat your depression then you are moving in the wrong direction.

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