How to make affirmations work for you

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to make affirmations work for you

In my previous article Do affirmations work i said that most people don't get good results with affirmations because they use them incorrectly.

In that article i said that the mind will repel any positive affirmation that contradicts with its beliefs and since most people use affirmations to acquire beliefs that they already don't have the process usually fails!

The right way to use affirmations is to consider them a motivating force that can put you in the right direction. Lets suppose that you want to be confident, if you kept saying "I am confident, i am confident" then most probably your already existing negative beliefs will contradict these statements and make you feel like a big fat liar.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that people who repeat self confidence affirmations while they know that they lack confidence only end up feeling worse!

The right thing to do in this case is to repeat a statement such as "I will become confident". Such a statement won't contradict any of your current beliefs but on the contrary it will encourage you to take the actions that can make you become confident!

Affirmations, day dreaming and actions

Books such as "The secret" have taught people a new way of thinking which is the "get it all by being lazy approach!" You just have to go to bed, sleep and let the universe do the job for you!

The next time you have an important exam i want you not to study anything, to go to sleep and to let the universe do the job. Of course you know the result, you will certainly fail!! (see What's the secret to success)

Many people confuse the positive psychology school with the laziness school. The positive psychology school preaches good things such as "be positive and you will become more motivated to solve your problems" while the laziness school promotes ideas such as "Sleep and let the positive thinking do the magic"

This is a world of actions! unless you take actions nothing will ever change even if you became the best positive thinker in the world!

Affirmations and living the experience

If you want your affirmations to be super effective then you shouldn't just repeat them but you need to visualize them, live them and experience them.

The more vivid the visualization is the more likely you will become motivated after living your affirmations. Try to visualize every single detail that you can visualize so that you make the experience richer.

If you managed to do that correctly then your affirmations will become a powerful motivating source.

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