How to become confident in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to become confident in life

Life is full of challenges as you already know. Some people always get self confidence wrong because they try to understand it without connecting it to life challenges.

Imagine that you were born on another planet where no difficult tasks ever were demanded from you. Would you feel confident?

I am not sure whether you will feel confident or not but what I am sure of is that you will never feel inferior. In order to become self confident in life you have to understand self confidence in terms of life problems.

This is how to become confident in life

When a person fails to meet the life challenges he faces he starts to feel inferior. A little child feels inferior when he finds himself surrounded by stronger and more capable adults but when he learns how to walk, talk and do like them he forgets about his inferiority.

Now when that child becomes a man he will face completely different challenges. The challenge of work, the challenge of having a good relationship and the challenge of maintaining a good social life are all examples of challenges we all go through.

The type of challenge itself won’t make any difference when it comes to building self confidence but what will matter the most is the importance of that challenge to you. In order to become confident in life you need to be able to deal with such important life challenges.

If you believe that you must be successful in your career in order to be worthy then certainly comparing yourself to your more successful friends will result In making you feel inferior to them. (see How to stop comparing myself to others

Why some people never feel confident in life

When faced with such a challenge you have two options, the first is to try to succeed in your career and so get rid of your inferiority and the second is to live with it!

See, the only different between a person who feels inferior and a confident person is the choice he made. If you want to feel confident in life then you must chose to fight back and improve your life instead of running from such challenges.

How many dreams you had that you gave up on?
How many goals you had that you stopped pursuing?
Answering these simple questions might let you know why you feel inferior sometimes. (see giving up your dreams)

You might want to ask me now, is self confident dependent on external factors?
Shouldn’t it come from within?
Certainly self confidence comes from within but it only comes after you manage to acquire it for the first time.

If you failed to meet your first life challenges you might not develop confidence but once you manage to meet them at least once in your life then you can live on this internal self confidence you acquired.

Some people were lucky enough to acquire this initial level of confidence when they were young as a result of the proper way their parents raised them but most people failed to develop self confidence at that stage. (See the 10 worst mistakes parents make)

what to do in order to become confident in life

Here is what you need to do in order to become confident in life

  • Find out your most important life areas: Before you can build this initial confidence I am talking about you first need to find out your most important life areas.
  • Fix your life areas: I know what you are thinking about now. It’s easier said than done but it’s your only way out. Do you want to remain feeling inferior? I am sure you don’t and because of this desire to be confident in life you must fight to face the life challenges that are currently bothering you.
  • Don’t escape: Try to escape, ignore your problems or deceive yourself and you will end up with no self confidence in a short period of time

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