Role of self confidence for success in life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Role of self confidence for success in life

What is the role of self confidence in life?
How can self confidence help a person become successful in life?

While i dont want to sound like someone who wants to hype the importance of self confidence still i cant prevent myself from saying that self confidence is the most important requirement for success in life.

While self confidence won't always guarantee that you will succeed in life still a confident person will have at least 10 times the chance of success of a person who lacks confidence.

In this article i will tell you about the role of self confidence for success in life.

Role of self confidence in success

Here is how self confidence affects your ability to succeed:

  • We get what we focus on: If someone believed that he is not worthy he will fear to take risks, he wont achieve anything and as a result he will fulfill the prophecy!! One important role for self confidence in life is that it prevents the person from fulfilling such false prophecies and so allows him to succeed. (see How limiting beliefs affect your life)
  • Success, the number of tries and self confidence: In my article how to become successful in life i explained how success usually happens after a certain number of tries. The role of self confidence in success is that it encourages you to keep trying until you get what you want. People who lack self confidence stop trying after one or few failures and that's why they don't succeed in life
  • Success and believing in yourself: Do you know how to make people believe in you? Its all about believing in yourself in such a way that you become confident enough to shake their existing beliefs about you if they were negative. Another important role of self confidence in success is that it allows you to believe in yourself and as a result other people believe in you
  • Self confidence, depression and success: Confident people can get depressed too but lack of self confidence can result in depression and so reduces the chance of success in life!! In the Solid Self confidence program i said that One extremely important role for self confidence for success in life is that it can prevent depression. Depression happens when you lose hope in reaching your important goals and so if you were confident enough that you are going to reach them then you won't get depressed
  • Self confidence and rejection: Another important role for self confidence in success is that it prevents the person from giving up after experiencing rejections. Almost all successful people were rejected in a way or another before they managed to succeed. Had they lacked self confidence they might have stopped before they reached success (see Insprirational stories of success)

The important role of self confidence in success

Its now clear from the previous examples that even thought self confidence is not the only factor required for success still it has an extremely important role in letting you achieve success in life.

There is nothing you can do to yourself better than building self confidence if you are serious about succeeding in life.

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