How to change limiting beliefs

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to change limiting beliefs

How to change limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs wont only force you to live below your potential but they can ruin your life completely. Limiting beliefs are usually disguised in the form of real beliefs and that's why spotting them is sometimes really hard.

In this article i will tell you how to change limiting beliefs so that you can reach your full potential and live a better life.

Steps to change limiting beliefs

The following step will help you change any limiting belief:

  • Admit the presence of the limiting belief: There is no way on earth you can change a limiting belief before you admit that you carry it in your belief system. Some people insist that life is unfair and that they are not lucky then wonder why can't they succeed. The first step to changing limiting beliefs is to admit that they are wrong even if you don't have a proof yet
  • Beware of your mind's tricks: Limiting beliefs are usually well hidden in the belief system and in addition your mind will play some tricks to make them less visible. Self deception is one of the most common tricks your mind can use to bury a limiting belief further in your belief system. For example a belief such as i don't have time to socialize can only be present just to prevent you from examining your beliefs about your ability to socialize and make friends.

    Beware of the mind's bias: Once you locate a limiting belief you must pay attention to your mind's bias towards that belief. Your mind will always keep collecting evidence that supports its existing beliefs even if some of them were wrong and that's why changing a limiting belief might appear so difficult. Monitor your self talk closley so that you can spot this bias and eliminate it when needed

    Attempt to prove the opposite: That's the hardest and the most important step in changing a limiting belief. This step involves trying to prove the exact opposite of the belief by going against it. For example if believe that all people hate you then its time to develop your social skills and get to know new people until you find some people who like you. Its not as easy as it sounds but if you did it you will change your limiting belief forever

Why you should change limiting beliefs

I have been studying psychology for years and i came to conclude that most of the psychological problems people face are rooted to limiting beliefs!!

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that self confidence can be built by just changing your beliefs about your abilities and skills.

Trust issues can be fixed by changing limiting beliefs that you acquired as a result of being mistreated in your past.

Self image issues can be fixed by removing the incorrect limiting belief you formed about your looks long ago.

The list goes on and on. Learn how to change your limiting beliefs and you will live a much better life.

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