How do i trust people again

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How do i trust people again

Sometimes a mobile phone just stops working for a certain reason
maybe because the battery was damaged or maybe a circuit was broken and as a result the device doesn't work

The same exactly happens to us humans, sometimes something wrong happens with our inner circuits but unlike mobile phones we humans never stop functioning but instead our functions become impaired and we operate in an abnormal way.

As a result of bad childhood experience or poor past experience many people start developing trust problems.

Instead of just assuming that they met the wrong people earlier in their lives they start to believe that the whole world is not trustworthy and that they should protect themselves from the world by any means.

In this article i will tell you how to function correctly, or how to trust people again.

How trust issues happen

When something becomes damaged in a gadget the gadget doesn't operate well but when it comes to humans that damage is represented by the formation of a false belief that lets us function in an abnormal way.

Here are some examples of false beliefs:

All rich people are thieves
All women can't drive cars
All men are cheaters
I can't trust no one

Usually the mind develops these false beliefs in order to blame others for the bad experience and the suffering the person went through. In other cases the main aim of such false beliefs is to protect ones Ego like for example when someone starts believing that life is unfair rather than admitting that he didn't try hard enough.

Lots of people start developing false beliefs as soon as they get betrayed by a close friend or a relative and this usually happens because the person was eager to find an explanation for the abuse he had been through.

How to start trusting people?

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of your defense lines, these defense lines are the measures you are now taking to protect yourself from experiencing the same pain once again like avoiding people, not trying to form intimate relationships and avoiding all types of commitment.

The second thing you need to do in order to be able to trust people again is to admit that you have formed false beliefs because unless you do so you will always keep collecting evidence that supports your beliefs and ignore all other evidence.

Our minds were designed to filter the information that doesn't match its current belief system. This means that believing that all people are not trustworthy will result in letting you only remember those who betrayed you while you will forget about all of the loyal people you met.

The third step you need to do would be challenging these beliefs by asking questions such as:

Don't i know any person on this planet who is trustworthy?
Am i filtering out loyal people because of my false beliefs?
Even if i didn't meet people who are trust worthy yet, couldn't there be any loyal people that i didn't happen to meet yet?

The more you challenge the false belief the more it will weaken until it will disappear and as soon as this happens you will start functioning normally and you will be able to trust people once again.

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