Top ten parenting mistakes

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The worst and most common parenting mistakes

In my previous article Do we inherit personality i explained how parents affect the personality of their children more than genes affects them.

This means that a parenting mistake that is done with a child could result in letting him grow to become an unhealthy adult.

The big mistakes parents make with their children results in big problems in their personalities later on. For that reason i decided to write this article to tell you about the top ten parenting mistakes so that you can avoid them and raise healthy children.

Top ten parenting mistakes

Here are the top 10 parenting mistakes according to the impact they have on the child:

  • 1- Comparing children to each other: Parents who do the mistake of always comparing their children to each other always raise children who are jealous of each other (see Siblings rivalry). The impact of this mistake doesn't stop at jealousy but it might also result in the loss of self confidence of one of the children (the under performer)
  • 2- Over protection & pampering : Children who don't learn how to solve life problems end up feeling inferior. Parents who do the big mistake of over protecting their children prevent them from developing their skills and solving their life problems and thus they grow up feeling worthless. Over protection is one of the worst parenting mistakes a parent can make
  • 3- Neglecting the child: Distant parents who neglect their child's needs usually raise children who lack social interest. A child who lacks social interest might try to achieve his goals with disregard to the welfare of others (for example by committing crimes). This is also one of the worst mistakes a parent could make
  • 4-Disrespect : One of the biggest mistakes parents make with their children is disrespecting them in front of others. The child usually feels ashamed being disrespected and he might develop an inferiority complex
  • 5- Fighting violently in front of their children: One of the biggest mistakes people make with their children is fighting in front of them. A research found that bullies are usually raised in homes that has that kind of violence. In addition, this parenting mistake might also make the child believe that violence is the only way to get what he wants in life (see Why some children become bullies)
  • 6- Giving more attention to the youngest child: Some parents might believe that this is not a big mistake while in fact its a catastrophic one. When one of the children gets more attention than his siblings (usually the youngest) the others grow up feeling dethroned, worthless and sometimes inferior (see Birth order and personality)
  • 7- He is just a child: If you lie to your child he will learn how to not trust others. If you scold him in front of others he will think that he is worthless while if you said that he is just a child he will doubt his own importance even when he grows up. In the Solid Self confidence program i said that treating your child as if he is a child is one of the biggest parenting mistakes because it results in loss of self confidence
  • 8- Losing control in front of the child: Children learn through their five senses. If you lost control in front of your child by being anxious, afraid or worried then your child will learn how to do these things when he grows up. One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your children is to act emotionally without being in control of yourself in front of them
  • 9- Authoritarian parenting: Authoritarian parenting (where strict rules are set without room for democracy) is one of the biggest mistakes a parent can do. Children who have Authoritarian parents lack self confidence, usually become procrastinators and have self regulation problems. Never be an Authoritarian parent. See ( how parenting styles affect your child's personality

Mistake number 10 the most dangerous parenting mistake

Certainly knowing these facts can help you raise healthy children but do you think that one article is enough to educate you about proper parenting? Of course not and that's why parenting mistake number 10 is not educating yourself about your child's psychology.

If you are serious about raising mentally healthy children then read through the links below because each parenting mistake you make might let your child suffer for the rest of his life.

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