Psychology of self deception

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Psychology of self deception

What does self deception mean?
We all know that some people deceive others but what does deceiving one's self mean?

According to psychology, self deception is one of the popular escapement methods that people use to prevent themselves from feeling guilty while in the same time allowing themselves to escape from something that they don't want to face.

Of course people don't deceive themselves on intention but its their subconscious minds that come up with such tricks in order to protect their psychological well being.

In this article i will tell you everything you want to know about the psychology of self deception while giving you real life examples.

Examples of self deception according to individual psychology

In a previous article i said that if a student lacks self esteem when it comes to exams and if he is afraid to get bad grades he might find himself unable to concentrate whenever he tries to study without knowing why.

In such a case the student's subconscious mind came up with this brilliant self deception plan to prevent him from testing his self worth in the exam without feeling guilty!! The self deception part here can be noticed easily because the student will blame his lack of ability to concentrate whenever he gets poor grades and thus protect his self esteem.

According to individual psychology each self deception attempt has a very important goal behind it and the only way to prevent self deception is to help the person attain that goal in a different way.

For example, if a man was unsure of his skills and was afraid to test them in work he might turn into an alcoholic without knowing why. Using that self deception method that person can blame his alcoholism for his poor performance without realizing that its all a scenario set up by his mind to allow him to escape. The only way to help that man stop deceiving himself is to allow him to feel worthy.

Even stuttering can be a sign of self deception, In the Solid Self confidence program i said that one theory that was proposed about the psychology of stuttering claimed that its a self deception method that helps a person avoid social contact in order to prevent others from discovering that he is less worthy than them.

How to prevent self deception

As you just saw its not easy for someone who used to deceive himself for years to suddenly admit that he was escaping or deceiving himself.

In fact it takes a lot of courage to find out the self deception plans your subconscious mind is coming up with because they are usually set up to hide something that you don't want to admit.

I still remember that man who had no social skills at all and who deceived himself by becoming a workaholic and thus blaming his tight schedule for his poor social relations.

Certainly reading more about psychology can help you get over your self deception attempts because one study found that most people tend to believe the information they read. If a friend or a psychologist told you that you are deceiving yourself you might not believe him but if this fact came to you through a book or an article such as this one then you might be able to believe in it with less resistance.

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