Why cant i concentrate when i study

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why cant i concentrate when i study

I got a question from a reader telling me that he cant concentrate while studying.
The first question you must ask yourself if you have a similar problem is can you concentrate on other things other than studying?

If you can concentrate on other tasks normally but fail to concentrate whenever it comes to studying then there might be some psychological causes for your problem.

Of course i am assuming that you don't have any problems with your brain or any physical defects that affect your ability to concentrate. If you don't have any of these physical issues and still suffer from this problem then i will tell you why you cant concentrate when it comes to studying.

This is why you can't concentrate when you study

There are three ways all humans follow when it comes to dealing with problems. The first is trying to solve the problem, the second is doing nothing and the third is self deception.

Because any person will feel guilty if he tried to ignore his problem, or his studies in this case, he has to come up with a method of self deception that can help him avoid the feelings of guilt.

Some people are afraid to study in order not to test their self worth in the exam and that's why heir subconscious minds work against them to prevent them from concentrating whenever they try to study.

Some other people are perfectionists who fear to lose a mark or two because that would make them feel worthless and thus their minds come up with a perfect self deception plan which is to never allow them to concentrate whenever they attempt to study.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that such self deception methods are very common among people and their primary goal is usually protecting the persons self esteem.

Of course i am not accusing you of not allowing yourself to concentrate while studying on intention but i am accusing your subconscious mind which came up with such a plan to prevent you from feeling guilty.

Self deception and inability to concentrate while studying

The reason might differ from one person to another but in the end the goal of the subconscious will be the same. Preventing the person from concentrating while studying so that he can blame his lack of concentration instead of affecting his self esteem in a bad way.

This situation is the same exactly as the one that happens to the person who sleeps well everyday and suffers from insomnia on his work days. Because there is some kind of a problem that he is trying to escape from and because he doesn't want to think that he is escaping his mind came up with the insomnia trick to prevent him from facing the unpleasant situation without feeling guilty.

If you are unable to concentrate when studying but able to concentrate on other tasks then ask yourself the question, is my mind doing this to prevent me from feeling guilty while allowing me to escape from something i don't want to face?

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