How perfectionism develops

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How perfectionism develops

How perfectionism develops?
Why do some people become perfectionists?
And why are some people never satisfied with below perfect outcomes?

Perfectionism is a killer personality trait. Not only can it ruin your self confidence over time but it can also result in depression, dissatisfaction with your life and can even lead to suicidal thoughts.

In order to know how to combat perfectionism you first need to know how perfectionism develops.

What causes the development of perfectionism

In my previous article Understanding people's psychology i said that people develop personality traits that allow them to reach certain goals that they developed earlier in their lives as a result of the experiences they have been through.

For example, If a child believed that he is inferior for a reason or another then all of his personality traits would work towards the goal of attaining superiority.

Perfectionism is developed as a result of feelings of inferiority or of being less than others. When a child experiences these feelings he develops perfectionism in order to maintain a sense of superiority over his friends and over his environment.

The other goal that the development of perfectionism helps the child to achieve is to hide his defects from others. After all if he did everything perfectly then no one will dig behind his wall of perfectionism to unfold his well hidden defects.

How can perfectionism ruin your life

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that perfectionists feel less confident with each task they do because of believing that unless they do the task perfectly they can't be worthy people.

Because we don't live in a prefect world people who developed perfectionism face continues disappointments that ruins their mood and life.

If you have developed perfectionism then don't worry there is a cure. In order to get rid of perfectionism you must develop self confidence, deal with your feelings of inferiority and fix your beliefs about life by understanding that perfection is not always necessary.

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