How to understand myself

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to understand myself

The main reason I developed 2knowmyself is to help people understand themselves more so that they can live betters lives. I get lots of questions from people who want to understand themselves and usually I try to answer them by drawing their attention to a very important concept in self understanding which is called the system concept.

If you are one of the people who have the question How to understand myself in their minds then read this article.

Self understanding and the system concept

Josh has big problems in his work because he always arrives late. He has always been trying to arrive on time but his efforts were useless. When we take a closer look into josh’s life we will find that the main reason he arrives late is that he wakes up late everyday.

But why does josh wake up late everyday? By taking another look we find that he stays up until 3 am in the morning everyday. This sounds logical but why would someone do so?

Josh is addicted to social networking websites and he never feels like wanting to sleep while browsing them. This sounds like a superficial analysis to josh's case but when we examine the reasons that made him an addict to these websites we find that josh has always felt less worthy than his friends and so he spends the whole night on these sites trying to catch the attention of others and to inflate his personal importance!!! ( See how bad habits might be resulting from psychological problems in my book The ultimate guide to break any bad habit)

So the main reason josh arrives late to work is that he feels worthless!! When analyzing someone’s emotions or when trying to understand yourself more you must look at the whole system instead of just examining one element, And this is what the system concept is all about

The system concept and Understanding yourself

Josh’s case is not unique, we all have certain behaviors that we don’t understand and that are affecting our daily lives in a bad way.

Usually when we try to analyze problems we look at superficial reasons (just as josh thought that he arrives late to work only because he sleeps late) but when taking a deeper look at the whole system we will be able to understand ourselves more, get rid of the problems that we face and live better lives.

If you are asking yourself now what is the next step you should do to get more self understanding then my answer would be ,reading. The more you read about psychology, self help and personal development the more you will see the full picture and the more you will understand yourself.

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