5 ways to raise your self confidence

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

ways to raise your self confidence

Why are some people confident and why do others lack confidence?
Are there certain ways that can help someone raise his self esteem?

After studying psychology for years and after examining the behaviour of thousands of people i discovered that many people lack self confidence as a result of the wrong practices they stick to.

There are many ways you can use to raise your self confidence but one of the most effective ways you can ever use is to stop doing these things that affects your self confidence in a bad way. (see How self confidence is destroyed)

In this article i will tell you about 5 ways you can use to raise your self confidence.

5 Ways to raise your self confidence

Here are 5 ways you can use to raise your self confidence:

  • 1) Stop seeing a different world: In my article personal frame of reference i explained how each person sees reality differently based on his own beliefs. If you believed people hate you then you will find hundreds of clues to prove your belief true and if you believed otherwise you will also come into hundreds of clues that proves your belief true.Your mind was designed to prove your beliefs true whether they were right or wrong and based on this fact one of the best ways you can use to raise your self confidence is to fix those irrational beliefs
  • 2) Where do false conclusions come from: Why do people make false conclusions about others? why would someone think that others hate him even if they don't? In fact one fast way to lose your self confidence is to remain in your comfort zone. Lets suppose you met two new people and you believed that you are boring. If you didn't dare to talk to them you will assume that they thought that you are boring while if you moved out of your comfort zone and talked you might become friends with them and so prove your false belief wrong. In short one great way to raise your self confidence is to go against your false beliefs (see How to change limiting beliefs)
  • 3) Self confidence and taking actions: One of the best ways you can use to raise your self confidence is to take actions. Lets suppose that you lack self confidence in a certain sport. The best way to become good at it is to keep training everyday until you learn how to practice it perfectly. The same goes for any other skill that you lack like for example learning how to talk to a stranger. If you took actions you will prove your false beliefs wrong and you will form positive ones and as a result you will raise your self confidence
  • 4) Self defeating thinking patters: Self confidence goes up and down but some people have the ability to send their self confidence levels down whenever it goes up. Those are the people who have negative self defeating patterns that run in their heads all the time. One great way to raise your self confidence is to get rid of these negative thinking patterns by questioning and challenging them
  • 5) Don't discard important data: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that some people lack confidence as a result of making biased judgments. If a person who has a low self confidence met 10 new people and then he thought that one of them didn't like him he will feel really bad. One best way to raise your self confidence is to be fair to yourself by not discarding important data. The success rate of that person was 90% , if he reminded himself of this fact he will become more confident while if he focused on the one rejection he believed he got he will lose his self confidence.

The right way to build self confidence

Stop putting yourself down, stop your negative thinking patterns, take actions and you will manage to raise your self confidence.

The best way to raise your self confident is to move forward towards your fears and to learn the skills that you lack while keeping a close eye on your negative thinking patterns so that you can prevent them from lowering your self esteem.

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