Personal frame of reference

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

personal frame of reference

What is the personal frame of reference?
Why would two people go through the same exact situation but come up with different conclusions about it?

People dont see reality but they just see the meaning they give to it. This means that each person sees the world according to his own beliefs, values or in other words according to his own personal frame of reference.

Two different people might spend Friday 13th in a very different way. While the first might stay at home because of fear the second could enjoy the day to the fullest without thinking about it negatively.

Again its the difference in their personal frame of reference that resulted in such a difference in their behaviour.

In this article i will tell you how your personal frame of reference affects your life.

Personal frame of reference and self confidence

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how self confidence is lost as a result of giving incorrect meanings to ordinary events.

Two people could get rejected by the same person but because of the difference in their personal frame of reference each one of them interprets the rejection differently.

The first might believe that he was rejected because he was not worthy while the other might believe that he didn't do his homework well.

Moreover the difference in the personal frame of reference can result in letting a person see things that other people don't even notice.

For example if a stranger stared at both people the first might think that the stranger is staring at him because he looks odd while the second might not notice that the stranger is looking.

How your personal frame of reference affect your life

Since Your personal frame of reference will always let you give different meanings to the different events you go through the result will be :

  • Proving your false beliefs true: After all you will interpret all events according to your own personal frame of reference and so you will prove your beliefs true even if they were false (see Limiting beliefs)
  • Ruining your self confidence: If you think that you are ugly or that you are boring then you will interpret all events in such a way that solidifies these beliefs
  • Fulfilling the prophecies: Not only will your personal frame of reference let you interpret events incorrectly but it will also demotivate you to prove your beliefs false and as a result you will fulfill your prophecies. For example its so common for a women who thinks that all men are cheaters to end up with a real cheater

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