How do i stop comparing myself to others

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How do i stop comparing myself to others

Do you know that the main factor that triggers the feelings of inferiority is comparing yourself to others?

Don't you sometimes find yourself feeling inferior to someone without knowing why?
Just before you experienced that feeling an unfavorable comparison took place inside your subconscious mind and made you believe that you are inferior to him.

Whenever someone compares himself to others unfavorably his self confidence becomes lower and that's why its extremely important to learn how to stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to others the wrong way

Ever wondered why do people feel inferior when they compare themselves to others?
people don't feel inferior because they are really inferior but its rather because of the way they compare themselves to others. Here are the incorrect practices you might be doing when comparing yourself to others:

  • incorrect perception of reality: Lots of people feel inferior because they perceive ordinary people to be superior and omnipotent. The question you should ask yourself is am i exaggerating the value i am assigning for others when comparing myself to them??
  • Comparing one aspect: Usually people compare one thing that they don't like about themselves to others and so feel inferior. For example a girl who thinks that she is overweight will only compare her weight to her peers and nothing else.

In order to not feel inferior anymore you don't have to stop comparing yourself to others but you just have to learn how compare yourself to them correctly. When you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else make sure that you aren't giving him super powers and that you are comparing the whole package and not just one aspect.

Positive comparisons

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how confident people keep praising themselves in their self talk. Don't confuse this with affirmations, while affirmations is an attempt to lie to your subconscious mind positive self talk is a way that you can use to reinforce real positive beliefs that already exist in your mind.

do you know why confident people feel confident? because they make favorable comparisons between them and other people. A confident person is always focused on finding what is special about him and he always compares his special abilities to ordinary people (at least that's how he sees things).

So people who lack self confidence find one thing that they can't do well then compare it to others while those who are confident find the things that they do better than others then compare themselves to them.

in short, you shouldn't think about stopping comparing yourself to others but you must focus on knowing how to compare yourself to others correctly.

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