How to increase your motivation

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to increase your motivation

I am sure you have many goals that you want to reach and that you are not that motivated to reach them.

Don't you sometimes forget about important goals for weeks or even months then remember them when a certain event reminds you of them?

Do you know why don't you work contentiously on such important goals each day?
Its because you are not motivated enough to fight for them.

If you found a way to increase your motivation levels you wont just feel happier but you will also reach your goals faster and that's why i decided to write this article to help you increase your motivation levels.

How can motivation levels be increased

There are many ways that can help you increase your motivation levels but the most powerful one is stirring up your emotions.

Mazen always wanted learn martial arts but he was procrastinating all the time.

One day he went with his friends to the movies and he suddenly found himself watching a Jackie Chan movie. Right after the movie Mazen felt eager to practice martial arts and he registered his name in an upcoming kung fu class.

What happened here? Why was Mazen suddenly motivated even though he was procrastinating for months?

During the movie Mazen lived the experience, saw it vividly and felt it deeply. This stirring up of his emotions reminded him of his important goals and increased his motivation towards them.

If you managed to find a way to stir up your emotions, to intensify them and to live your dreams then you will certainly increase your motivation by tremendous amounts.

Here are few ways to do it:

  • Visualization: Most people get visualization wrong. They think that its all about imaging their goals and that's it but the right way to visualize your goals is to stir up your emotions to the max so that you become eager to reach them. The right way to visualize is to live the future life you want to live in your mind, to experience how it will feel like exactly to reach your goals and to notice every single detail. The main use of visualization is to stir your emotions and intensify them. Don't just visualize your goal but live it
  • Use Music: Music can also help you stir up your emotions and increase your motivation. Don't just use music on its own but instead use it while visualizing your desired future. Pick the tracks that can help you stir up your emotions the most then listen to them while visualizing your goals
  • Talk: Talking to trusted people about your future plans can help you raise the intensity of your emotions towards your goals. Just make sure you chose the right people to talk to else they might put you down
  • Live them: The most powerful way to increase your motivation is to live your dreams in real life. Lets suppose that you wanted to buy a Ferrari, go to the nearest dealer and ask for a test drive. The main purpose of this test drive will be stirring your emotions and increasing your motivation levels. If you can live your dream in any way then do it, that will motivate you to the max

Motivation, running and dreams

Do you know why some people never attempt to increase their motivation?
Its because they want to run! its because they are too afraid to peruse their dreams (see What is real courage)

In such a case the subconscious mind of those people who are escaping tries to stir their emotions through their dreams, by sending them a dream that reminds them of their important goals it attempts to make them wake up but some people just prefer to escape.

Those people avoid anything that can remind them of their goals just for the sake of escaping.

If you want to increase your motivation beyond all means then do your best to stir your emotions and to live your dreams.

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