Discovering Your Life's Purpose

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Life's Purpose

He was a very successful and happy person. He had lots of friends, his wife loved him, his business was growing and his wealth was increasing. Everyone envied him for all that he had.

But one morning, they heard the shocking news; he committed suicide!!!

I am sure that you have heard of at least one person who committed suicide in spite of having everything he wanted in life. What do you think could make someone like that commit suicide?

The answer is simple, this person had big goals to achieve but he had no real purpose in life.

The Difference Between a life Purpose and Goals

The difference between a life purpose and a goal is that goals can exist without a purpose while a purpose cannot exist without goals. For example, you could have a goal of reading a comic book but this book would serve no big purpose nor will it impact your life if you didn't read it.

You could have lots of goals in your life that serve no real purpose; and this will make you feel that your life is pointless even though that you are achieving more and more of these goals. On the other hand having a purpose in life would encourage you to set many goals in order to fulfill that higher purpose.

The man in the example above didn’t kill himself because he failed to achieve his goals but he did it because the goals he achieved served no real purpose.

How to Find My Purpose in Life

Imagine that you have a time machine and that you traveled to the future to one year before your death (assuming that you know when you're going to die). What will your thoughts be like at that age? What will you regret the most? What is the thing that you will wish you could have done before reaching this old age?

Now go back to the time machine and travel further into the future to one day before your death. Try to close your eyes and imagine it are dying tomorrow!!

What is the thing you wish you could have done? What’s the thing that makes you wish to live a little longer so that you do it?

When you find these answers write them down and come back to the present. Congratulations, you have just discovered your life's purpose.

Life's Purpose in a Few Minutes!!

I know that this may have taken only a few minutes and I am not saying that those few minutes are enough. I want you to take your time thinking about this matter over and over because this is the purpose that you are going to fight for to the end of your life.

You can even give yourself few weeks or even months and after you feel that you have found your real life purpose start fighting for it.

Ready to fight for your life's purpose?

I already have a purpose in life, but I don't know how to fight for it.

I have a life purpose but I am not that motivated to fight for it.

I have a life purpose but I don't think I can ever fulfill it.

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