How people affect your life

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How people affect your life

A recent research has found that minorities underachieve in college when they became obsessed by the stereotypes assigned to them by others.

This means that being labeled a "Nerd" by your friends won’t only make you feel bad but it will also affect your behavior until you will become a real Nerd. People affect our lives to a great extent by projecting their expectations on us and then we comply by fulfilling their prophecies!!

If you want to know how people affect your life and how you can break free from this effect then read this article.

How people’s suggestions affect your life

All recent researches have proven that the human mind is extremely receptive to suggestions especially if the suggestions were said by people we trust (whether we like them or not).

When dealing with my coaching clients I do my best not to say a word or a phrase that they would take as fact and believe in it (for example I never say to someone you lack confidence) because this suggestion would be accepted by his mind and it would make him feel less confident.

People affect your life by setting their own expectations for your performance, worthiness and competence then telling you about these expectations using labels such as "winner", "Loser", "boring"....etc

How do we absorb the suggestions given by people

The experiment in the beginning of this article proved that we tend to alter our behavior in order to match people’s expectations of us.

Do you know why Voodoo kills some people? It’s because they believe in the curse and so fulfill the prophecy of being physically ill.

So people affect our lives because we become imprisoned by the labels they assign to us!! In the Solid Self confidence program I explained how lots of people lack self confidence because they believe in the expectations of others and prove them true instead of trying to show others who they are.

The key to break free from the influence of others and to become really confident is to ignore their expectations, to overlook the terms they use to describe you and instead focus on proving to them that they were wrong.

The easy part is proving those people wrong but the part that requires some effort is being able to recognize the fact that you are following their expectations and proving them true.

Don’t let anybody determine your importance, worthiness or capabilities to you but instead show them who you are.

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