Tips to become happy

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Tips to become happy

Everyone wants to be happy but most people never manage to do it.
Even when people manage to find short term happiness soon they find themselves feeling down once again as if their happiness evaporated for no reason.

The main reason people never manage to become happy for long periods of time is the lack of understanding of emotions in general and specifically of happiness itself.

In this article i will give you some tips that will help you become happy and maintain your happiness.

Quick happiness tips

  • Solving unsolved problems: Unsolved problems are the main reason for mood swings, as soon as you encounter something that would remind you of an unsolved problem you will feel bad. The first step to becoming happy is to solve your unsolved problems
  • Getting rid of the things that ruin your life: How many people suffer everyday because they hate their jobs and how many couples feel bad everyday because of a dissatisfying relationship? If you want to be truly happy then you must get rid of the things that ruin your life
  • Stop worrying? No you can't just press a stop button: In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i explained how emotions are nothing more than messages your subconscious mind sends you in order to take certain actions. Worries are emotions sent to you by your mind to remind you of your existing problems. The only solution to kill worrying is to reassure your mind that you are prepared for facing this problem, else you will never manage to stop worrying and you wont become happy
  • The Physical state and mental state are connected: If you didn't sleep well you will feel irritated, if you were exhausted you are very less likely to feel happy and so on. Your physical state is highly connected to your mental state and living a healthy life style is one of the important components for happiness
  • Avoid negative people: Emotions are transferred between people very fast. Spending a day with a stressed person is very likely to make you stressed too. Avoid negative people whenever possible if you want to be happy (see How emotions affect communications)

Happiness and taking actions

Its clear from the previous tips that happiness doesn't come out of nowhere and that unless you take actions you might not be happy.

Many people mistakenly believe that happiness can be found or acquired instantly without understanding that there is some homework required. The reason many "get happy right now" methods are popular even though they never work is that most want the easy way and are too lazy to do something.

If Happiness is extreemly important to you then why don't you put some effort in order to acquire it?

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