How to be happy being single

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to be happy being single

Contrary to common beliefs you must feel happy while you are single and happier when you are in a relationship. If you are free of psychological problems and emotional wounds then being single won’t bother you at all.

On the contrary you can be happy while enjoying the privileges of being commitment free. Sadly some people have emotional dependency on relationships in such a way that they can’t live while being single.

The relationship becomes the air that they breath and being single for them is the same as being depressed. Contrary to what they think, this is abnormal and must be dealt with before the problem grows bigger and affects their life in a bad way.

What are you trying to get out of the relationship?

The only reason that could make someone unable to live without a relationship is being unable to fulfill a certain emotional need except through the relationship. If you can’t be happy while being single then you must ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I trying to reinforce my low self esteem by finding a source of love and encouragement?
  • Am I already sad and trying to find a quick fix to make me feel better?
  • Is loneliness killing me and I am just seeking a relationship in order to not feel lonely?
  • Why am I trying to mask my real emotions by trying to get into a relationship instead of trying to fix them??

Love addiction and being single

As you may have already guessed, if you can’t live while being single then you are using the relationship as a pain killer to help you bear the problems that you never tried to solve.

In my book How to get over anyone in few days I explained how some people can find it very hard to get over someone If the main goal behind the relationship was fulfilling a certain unmet need like feeling more confident about themselves.

That’s why love addicts hardly recover from breakups unless they deal with the root cause that made them relationship addicts in the first space.

If your problem was loneliness or low self esteem then getting into a relationship won’t solve your problems but it will only mask them and make you more vulnerable to depression right after the breakup.

In short, fix your emotional wounds and you will become very happy even if you are single.

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