how to prevent yourself from worrying (The psychology behind worrying)

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to prevent yourself from worrying

When the fuel is about to run out, your car will send you a certain signal to let you know about that.

If your car's engine overheated you will be sent another signal.
and in some cars, leaving a door open will result in sending you a third signal.

So what's the purpose of these signals? These signals aren't there to let you worry about the car but their sole purpose is to let you take action,and as soon as you do, the signals will disappear.

But what does this has to do with worrying?

Why do we worry

Your mind is just like the computer that runs the car, whenever it finds something out of order it sends you a signal so that you fix it.

If your mind found that you are not prepared for the exams well it will send you a signal in the form of worrying so that it motivates you to study.

If you studied well the signal will disappear while if you did anything otherwise your worries will increase.

What most people do is that they feel really bad when they get the signal and keep blaming everything around them instead of taking actions!! and that's why they never manage to get rid of their worries.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that emotions are just signals that our minds use to motivate us to take certain actions and unless we respond to these signals these emotions will remain there.

Why worrying turns into an obsession?

Why sometimes our minds remind us tens of times of the same problem everyday?
Won't one reminder be enough?

Just like the car's computer would never remove the low fuel signal before you refuel the tank your mind wont remove the worrying signal before you provide it with a convincing solution.

What most people do is that they reply back to their minds with solutions that doesn't appeal to them, for example, some people try to think positively by telling themselves that everything is going to be alright but because the subconscious minds of those people finds this response illogical it sends them an even more powerful worrying signal.

If you want to get rid of obsessive worries then you must reassure your mind using solid logic and not just mere positive thoughts.

The wrong way to respond to your worries

What would you think of a person who washes his car whenever it signals low fuel??
Sound's stupid right??

Well that's the same exactly as the person who drinks to ease worrying or who smokes to feel more in control!! while he should have responded to the signal correctly he has done something that has no relation at all to his problem just to get a quick mood fix!!

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