Breaking the Ego

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Breaking the Ego

The techniques in this article are presented for informational purposes only. I strongly discourage using them against any person unless he is bullying you excessively or unless you are facing a severe verbal assault.

The techniques that are presented in this article can have severe a psychological effect on people and can sometimes cause great emotional damage even if the person acted as if he weren’t affected so please don't use them on anybody.

Ego attacks

Induced Identity crisis: If you were dealing with a very arrogant person who was treating you badly then you could trigger an identity crisis by doing the following:

1) Telling him that he has achieved nothing or questioning his achievements
2) The person will furiously reply back stating all the great things that he has done
3) you should then devalue all what he said by either laughing, smiling, or saying something like “Is this why you are that arrogant, I can’t believe it”

When someone starts to mention his achievements he identifies with them by assigning all of his worth to these achievements and so undervaluing the achievements will have the same effect as undervaluing the person himself.

Usually this will result in an identity crisis where the person can end up questioning the importance of his own achievements and sometimes his life. The stronger your devaluation is the more powerful the effect of the attack will be.

Force him to objectify his achievements :
If the person didn’t mention his achievements or his great deeds then breaking his Ego won’t be possible however there are few things that you can do in order to force him to talk about them like undervaluing him, stating that he is not special or that he hasn’t done anything extraordinary.

By doing this you will force him to state his achievements and to identify with them which will then give you the chance to break his Ego using the previous technique.

Reverse Attacks:
Evil friend: Hey you look really weird, where did you get that shirt from?
You: I can change my shirt anytime but your nose will always look the same

Mad person who is shouting: ARE YOU STUPID? LOOK AT WHAT YOU HAVE JUST DONE!!
You: Don’t be scared man, control your emotions a bit

Reverse attacks allows you to shift the focus from you to the other person in seconds and they generally result in making the person become defensive. Once someone gets defensive you can use all the kinds of attacks you want.

Again, these techniques were for informational purposes only, never make fun of anybody's looks and you should never make fun of anybody's facial features especially if he had any kind of deformities.

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