How to hypnotize someone

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to hypnotize someone

The kind of hypnosis I am talking about in this article is the one that can help you convince people to believe in whatever you say.

Suppose that you want to gain someone’s trust but you just knew him few minutes ago, by hypnotizing him then telling him indirectly that you are trustworthy he will start to believe in you immediately.

Impress him and you will become a trusted source

In order to hypnotize someone you need a method to let him put his conscious filters aside so that you can send your messages directly to his subconscious mind.

Lots of people use pattern interrupt to do this. Pattern interrupt is a method that confuses the person to keep his conscious filters busy so that you can send suggestions to his subconscious mind directly.

There is a better method than pattern interrupt which is to impress the person and become a trusted source. (see How to impress people)

If you impressed someone you will have more than 15 minutes after wards to tell him anything and he will believe it without questioning.

When someone labels you as a trusted source he puts his conscious filters aside intentionally and so whatever you say reaches his subconscious mind directly.

How to impress people?

I workout in the gym 4 times a week and sometimes people come and ask me about training tips. what I noticed is that one of the things that make my tips much more convincing is when someone sees me lifting heavy weights right before giving the tip.

For example if I lifted a very heavy weight that can hardly by lifted by a bystander he then starts trusting me immediately. I notice the body language signs of that person as I talk and I can easily notice that he believes every word I say without even filtering anything.

Impressing someone is not hard. Just do something that he can’t do right in front of him then say whatever you want right after impressing him and it will reach his subconscious mind without being filtered.

Hypnotizing people through distraction

Distraction is another good tool that you can use to hypnotize people. As long as you can manage to make someone's conscious mind distracted you will be able to program his mind.

Distraction can happen when you do something usual that forces the person to think. For example by breaking a familiar pattern such as the handshake you can distract a person's conscious mind.

Instead of shaking hands normally move your hand up and put it in front of the person's heart then wait for him to shake hands. For few seconds the person will get confused because he never faced that situation before. During these seconds the person's conscious mind will be busy and as a result you will be able to hypnotize him.

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