How to deal with jealous people

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to deal with jealous people

Dealing with jealous people is not a hard task as long as you know how to spot them. In this article I am not going to cover jealousy between relationship partners because I have already covered it in details in my previous article dealing with jealousy.

In this article I will talk about those who are jealous of your success, who wish to be in your place and who wish that you lose the things that you have in order to be better than you.

How to spot jealous people

A jealous person won’t come and tell you that he is jealous of you nor he will say it directly to one of his friends but instead his jealousy will appear in the form of hatred, resentment and gossiping.

Not to hurt their Egos jealous people will never say it directly but the envy they have towards you will spill out of their mouths in the form of non constructive criticism, rude treatment or disrespect for you.

The next time you hear that someone was gossiping about you don’t become angry because there is a big probability that this person is jealous of you and that he found nothing better to do other than talking about you in your absence. (see Why do people gossip).

Dealing with jealous people

There lots of methods for dealing with jealous people and its up to you to choose the suitable method you want based upon your personal preferences and how important the person is to you. Here are the methods:

  • Burn with your own fire: If the person is jealous of you because of your achievements, success or something that you have then flood him with more good news about your life and let him burn with his own fire.
  • Confront him: Be very careful while doing so because a jealous person would never accept being told that he is jealous. Just confront the person by telling him that you realized that he was gossiping about you, trying to put you down or that he was resentful. And let him make the conclusions himself, if he is smart enough he will realize that you are telling him that you realized that he is jealous
  • Help him (if he is important to you): If the person is important to you then you can treat him nicely and with humbleness in order to let his fury towards you cool down a bit. As you keep treating him well on the long term his jealousy towards you will disappear

How to prevent jealousy before it happens

Sometimes you might be able to prevent jealousy from happening before it even happens!!
People who will envy you the most are the ones who are in need the most of what you posses. For example, your millionaire friend will never envy you if you bought a new average priced car but your friend who has no car is the one who will most likely be jealous of you.

In the Solid Self confidence program o said that not all the people in need will become jealous or envious but only those who have personal weakness, self doubts and low self esteem will be jealous of you. in order to prevent jealousy from happening make sure you don't show off a certain thing that you have in front of someone who really needs it.

Finally if someone is jealous of you then know that he is really suffering because of your achievements and that even if you left him without doing anything he would still pay for it by experiencing such emotions.

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