I hate him

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

I hate him

I know how it feels when you hate someone. You find yourself feeling really bad when he succeeds in doing something, when he is around and even when someone mentions his name.

This person may have bullied you, hurt you or caused you a lot of pain but in the end hatred is nothing more than weaknesses because if you were strong enough to have other options other than hatred you wouldn't have hated that person.

Sounds strange? Then read this article to know why people hate each other.

Why do people hate each other?

Hatred is always the final option available to someone's subconscious mind after all other options have ran out. Suppose that a friend of yours always bullies you, the options available for you will be:

  • Beat him in front of everyone so that he stops bullying you. But hey, what if you cant do that? then most probably you will try the next option.
  • Speak to him assertively and ask him to not do so again. But what if you cant do that too? then you will have to move to option three
  • Hate him!!! so hatred is always the final option available after a person fails to use all other options.

Hatred is weakness

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how sometimes being hated can mean that there is a problem that the person who hates you is suffering from.

If the boy in the previous example above had more power he wouldn't have hated that bully but instead he would have resolved the issue some other way.

Hatred is nothing more than a mechanism that keeps you away from those who can be a threat to your mental and physical well being in case you don't have any other options to defend yourself.

The next time you find yourself hating someone, ask yourself one question, "what is the kind of weakness that is making me hate him?". The answer to this question will give you more self understanding and will help you know that hatred is nothing more than a reflection to some kind of inner weakness.

Hatred and forgiveness

Do you know why you find it hard to forgive the people you hate?
Its because you feel that you are weak. If you were one hundred percent sure that you can get your rights back then you will be able to forgive people easily.

In other words, you need to become more powerful in order to forgive people. This required power differs based upon the person you are trying to forgive. Sometimes becoming powerful requires you to build more self esteem, in other cases it might require you to fix your emotional wounds.

In all cases fixing your personal flaws and becoming emotionally stronger will help you forgive the people you hate.

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