Inferiority feelings cause anxiety

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Anxiety and lack of trust in your abilities

In a previous article i said that anxiety is caused by lack of trust in ones abilities. This means that if you encountered a situation while thinking that your skills might not be sufficient for it then you will feel anxious.

If for example you tried to approach a group of people that you don't know well while being unsure of your social skills then certainly you will feel anxious.

That is one of the most famous causes for anxiety but there is another type of anxiety that is too common and that is caused by feelings of inferiority.

In this article i will tell you how can inferiority feelings cause anxiety.

Inferiority causes anxiety

Of course lacking a certain skill when it is needed will lead to anxiety but what about people who feel anxious around all men? all women? or all the time?

In the Solid Self confidence program i said that during our childhood each one of us used to feel inferior as the result of being surrounded by more capable adults however some of us didn't mange to navigate safely through this phase and the result was the persistence of these inferiority feelings.

When those people grow up they forget about the inferiority on the conscious level but deep in their subconscious minds they still feel that something is wrong with them.

They feel that they are faulty, inadequate or somehow worthless.
As a result of these feelings the subconscious minds of those people tries to prevent others from knowing the fact that they are worthless. In such a case the subconscious minds of those people reaches the conclusion that by avoiding people all together they can be prevented from knowing this embarrassing fact.

This is where anxiety stems from.
The subconscious minds of those people uses anxiety to keep them away from others so that they don't discover that they are inadequate.

Anxiety is an unconscious mechanism that the brain uses to warn the person of potential dangers. If being exposed to people became one of those dangers, because of the reason i just explained or any other reason, then the person will get this warning signal whenever he is around people. See also Anxiety is just an internal conflict.

The problem here isn't with your brain or the anxiety triggering mechanism but its with your wrong beliefs about how dangerous a certain situation is.

Deal with your inferiority to end anxiety

Stage fright, agoraphobia, fear of women or of the opposite sex might all be methods your subconscious mind is using to protect you from what appears to be dangerous, and what can be more dangerous than allowing other people to discover that you are inferior??

In such a case the only way to prevent this anxiety is to deal with these deeply rooted inferiority feelings, only then your anxiety will disappear.

It's important to understand that this doesn't mean that behind every anxiety are feelings of inferiority. The important conclusion you need to come up with is that by understanding the real cause behind a certain unwanted emotion you can easily get rid of that emotion.

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