Girls who act like guys

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Girls who act like guys

Why do some girls act like boys?
Why would a girl refuse to play with dolls?
Why would a girl hate pink, prefer black and play football?

I am sure that you have met at least one girl who prefers to act like boys rather than acting like girls. Tomboy is the common name for such a girl, but why are there tomboys in our society?

In this article i will tell you why some girls act like guys.

Tomboy Psychology

Under the effect of the pressure some women get subjected to they start to believe that being a woman means that they are inferior, weak or less worthy than a man.

This feeling will find itself in every women to a certain extent but for some women who were subjected to certain harsh environmental factors that feeling would be very intense.

If for example parents kept complaining indirectly or showing that they wished to give birth to a boy instead then the belief that girls are less worthy than men will become stronger in the girl's mind.

Now when a girl starts feeling inferior because she is a girl one of two things will happen, she will either hate the fact that girls are weak or in more severe cases she will hate the fact that she is a girl.

How do tomboys compensate

If a girl hates the fact that she is weak then she will try to overcompensate by striving for power and status, she will get involved in guys activities and even compete with them to prove her strength.

In more severe cases the girl might refrain from doing any activity that reminds her of her female identity to the extent that she might start developing excuses for not getting married. The girl in this case might not be aware of what's going behind the scenes as the inferiority feelings usually reside in the subconscious mind.

anything that would remind the girl of her female identity will be a turn off, for example pink color, dolls, weakness in all forms and even commitment.

Buying a tomboy a teddy bear or a feminine gift might unconsciously be perceived as an insult. Those girls will like more tings that have a touch of masculinity, for example a black or dark blue bag.

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