What makes a child stutter

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

What makes a child stutter

What makes a child stutter? and what are the causes of stammering?
Do children stutter because of genetics or are there deeper factors involved?

As usual whenever people fail to understand a certain phenomenon they quickly relate it to brain dysfunction and genetics. Articles about the causes of stuttering are really amusing, in the beginning you are told that 60% of stuttering is caused by genetics or brain dysfunction then later on in the same article you find it mentioned that the cause of stuttering is unknown.

What happens with stuttering or stammering also happens with depression where people claim that the main cause for depression is chemical imbalance in the brain.

The question those people should have asked themselves is, what causes this brain dysfunction and in turn results in making the child stutter? or in the case of depression what happened in order for this chemical imbalance to be developed.

In order to understand what makes a child stutters or stammers you must look deeper beyond the superficial analysis people provide about stuttering.

What psychological factors makes a child stutters?

Depression is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain but unless certain external environmental factor causes this imbalance then depression will never appear.

Stuttering is also caused by certain dysfunctions in the brain but unless something forces this dysfunction to happen the child will not stutter.

In my article The relationship between physical and mental health i said that the act of stuttering could be a cry of help the subconscious mind of a child uses in order to attract the attention of his parents.

A neglected child who was overlooked by his parents or who was dethroned by a newly born sibling who took all the attention might unconsciously develop any physical disorder such as stuttering in order to win the attention he lost back. (see Birth order and personality).

Parents who are overly critical and who always make their children feel worthless might force their child to develop stuttering in order to protect himself from their criticism. So stammering or stuttering can either be a method of protection or a cry of help that the child unconsciously uses to attain a certain goal.

Are these the only causes for stuttering?

I am not claiming that the previous reasons are the only causes for stuttering but the purpose of the previous examples was to show you that we should take a deeper look when trying to help a child who stutters instead of blaming his genes then do nothing.

If you did your best to help your child to stop stuttering and nothing happened then its time to look at the deep psychological factors that might be the real cause behind his stuttering.

The good news is that if the stuttering was caused by psychological factors then as soon as the psychological problems are dealt with then the stuttering will disappear because it was just a symptom of something else.

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