The relationship between physical and mental health

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The relationship between physical and mental health

Do you know that 75% of the physical illnesses we get is caused by psychological reasons?
This means that 3 out of each 4 physical illnesses is caused by psychological factors!

I am not just talking about colds or virus infection but i am also talking about physical disabilities. We all know that our immunity becomes lower when we experience bad moods and this makes us more vulnerable to colds but do you know that sometimes your body might develop a physical disability as a result of a psychological reason?

In this article i will tell you about the relationship between physical and mental health.

When illness becomes a SOS signal

Sometimes a physical illness is nothing more than a cry of help that a person unconsciously makes in order to gather people around him.

Consider a child who always felt jealous of his brother who appeared to be getting all the attention of the parents. In such a case, as a defense mechanism, the subconscious mind of the child might develop a physical disorder such as stuttering in order to capture the attention of the parents!!

the child won't be aware of these things taking place behind the scenes and he will be feeling bad as a result of this disability he developed.

This can also happen with aging parents who no longer get any attention from their children, wives who are neglected by their husbands...etc.

When illness serves as a protection

These days there are lots of females who develop feelings of inferiority as the result of the stereotypes being imposed on them as females.

Some of those females hate the idea of being females and so they try to get involved into masculine activities. Some of these females develop certain illnesses that would prevent them from getting pregnant, not because something is wrong with their bodies, but because being pregnant means giving in to being a female which is something that will reinforce their inferiority feelings.

When illness is the result of guilt

Sometimes your subconscious mind will make you ill in order to punish you
yes that's true, if you feel really guilty as a result of blaming yourself too much then your subconscious mind might allow a virus to infect you in order to help you get rid of the guilt

After all, according to the way the subconscious mind thinks, getting punished will certainly ease the feelings of guilt.

Self understanding is the key to a good health

As you saw lots of physical illnesses result from the conflicts that happen inside the mind and if you want to maintain a good health then you must learn how to spot these conflicts and reduce them.

Self understanding is the key to resolving these conflicts as it will allow you to maintain good mental health.
Luckily you arrived to the place that can help you get a solid self understanding, so keep reading.

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