Spoiled children as adults

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Spoiled children as adults

What happens to spoiled children when they become adults?
And what type of adults do they become?

In my previous article Why parents should not spoil their children i explained how a spoiled child finds himself ill equipped to face life problems when he becomes an adult as a result of being overly dependent on his caregiver.

When a child becomes an adult he acts the same way he used to act as a kid but according to the new constrains in his new environment. For example a shy child who used to play alone might learn to become more sociable but he will still prefer to live in his comfort zone when he becomes an adult.

Now when a spoiled child becomes an adult he will still act in the same way he used to act as a child but in a form that is more acceptable by the society.

How spoiled children behave when they become adults

A spoiled child keeps crying until his caregiver brings him what he wants. When that spoiled child become an adult he will cry for help too but not in tears, for example he might start blaming his friends, environment or external factors.

By crying for help that way the spoiled adult expects someone to respond and to bring him what he wants.

Since a spoiled child finds that all his needs are met without questions he expects life to treat him the same way when he becomes an adult. I had an adult friend who was very spoiled when he was a child and who liked a girl so much. When i asked him to approach her he told me that he don't want to do a lot of effort.

My friend was expecting that i should go approach her, get to know her then bring her and introduce her to him just like his mother used to bring him things without letting him do any effort!!

A spoiled child expects the whole world to respond to his demand whenever he complains (or cries) but since he discovers the opposite when he becomes an adult he ends up feeling very disappointed.

Spoils children as adults in a relationship

When the spoiled child who became an adult discovers that the world isn't responding to his demands and that he no longer lives with his caregiver he starts to search for a romantic partner who can act as a caregiver.

Spoiled guys don't look for a relationship partner but they look for another mother who can take care of them just like their original mother did.

The same goes for spoiled girls who look for someone who extends the care their fathers used to shower them with.

Spoiled children become helpless adults who are not Flexible by any means and who expect the world to adjust to suit them instead of trying to adjust their way to suit the world.

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