How parenting styles impact children

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How parenting styles impact children

How parenting styles impact children? And to what extent are children influenced by the way the parent raises them?

In my previous article Do we inherit personality i said that parenting style is the major factor that affects personality development and not genes.

The way a parent treats his child highly influences the drives the child develops which later on become responsible for all of his behavior and personality traits.

In this article i will tell you exactly how parenting styles impact children and influence their behavior.

How the four parenting styles impact children

The most famous parenting styles are the authoritarian, the authoritative, the permissive and the uninvolved. Each of these parenting styles impacts the child's personality in a different way.

The authoritarian style which puts very high demands on the child and never allows him to think for himself results in children who are highly obedient but who lack self esteem. The Authoritative style which is the democratic version of the authoritarian style brings children who are both obedient and who have a high self esteem.

As you can see the impact of the parenting style on the child is dramatic, adding little democracy to one style can be the difference between raising a confident and a non confident child!

The permissive style which puts no demands at all on the child results in rebels who can't comply with any authority figures while the uninvolved style results in children who perform poorly in all life domains.

More on the effect of parenting styles on childcare's personalities

Parents who are overly protective raise children who fear taking risks, who prefer to stay in their comfort zone and who believe that the world is dangerous.

In the Solid Self confidence program i said also that the way a parent treats his child can also impact his self esteem. Lying to the child often will let him lose trust in people and in himself. Neglecting the child or not taking his opinion will result in lowering his self esteem.

Every single action that the parent does impacts the child's personality in a way or another. After knowing these facts its time to review your parenting style and find out whether it will raise the type of child you are looking for or not.

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