How to understand people and human nature

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How to understand people and human nature

how can you understand people and the human nature?
Why do some people act in a weird way and what is the nature of their behavior?

The main reason people fail to understand others is not that some people act weirdly or in a strange way but its because most people aren't aware of their own human nature.

Because of our human nature we always make the mistake of trying to fill gaps with the information we have without thinking for a moment whether the information we have is enough or not and that's why many people fail to understand others correctly.

In this article i will tell you how to understand people and human nature.

The connection between understanding people and your human nature

The first mistake humans make when attempting to understand other people is assuming that the same action happens as a result of the same intention all the time. If for example you like to show off in order to grab attention then its completely wrong to assume that all showy people want attention because some of them might be doing it for a different reason.

Based on our human nature we also tend to look at the behavior without looking for the underlying reason. If we saw a child stealing we will quickly assume that the child is ill mannered but if we knew that the child is doing so just to direct his parents attention towards him his behavior can make a lot of sense.

When attempting to understand others you must know that based on the human nature all the activities that seem odd, weird or irrational were developed in order to serve very rational goals.

For example, The criminal who kills people for no reason is considered psycho by the society but when finding out that he used to feel inferior as a child and the only way he found to feel superior was to become dangerous we can then understand him better.

Beware of your human nature when trying to understand people

When attempting to understand people your human nature is the only thing that can lead you astray. By learning how to look at the underlying reason behind a behavior and by learning how to not judge others without seeing the full picture you will certainly understand people better.

By understanding your own human nature and the thinking patterns that result from it you will certainly understand people with very little effort.

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