How to deal with someone who puts you down

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to deal with someone who puts you down

how to deal with someone who puts you down?
And how to keep going forward if you are surrounded by negative people and critical ones?

Negativity is part of human nature and its the usual response you will find from most people especially when they are faced with something that forces them out of their comfort zone. Just tell your friends that you are about to start something new and they will all start putting you down.

Since beliefs are strengthened by repetition if you didn't manage to deal with someone who puts you down sooner or later you might believe in his negative statements and give up your dreams. That's why in this article i will tell you how to deal with someone who puts you down.

Dealing with someone who puts you down

You might be thinking that dealing with a person who puts you down depends on the actions you are going to take with him but in fact it all depends on your own response to his actions.

In order to prevent people from putting you down you have to strengthen your belief in yourself and in your dreams. Negativity won't disappear, negative people won't stop and critical comments wont run out that's why the best way to deal with them it to learn how to not let them affect you.

Now the question is, what if you were starting something new and didn't yet manage to believe in it 100%, how will you be able to deal with someone who puts you down? In such a case you should not reveal your plans or talk about them before you take some steps that help you build confidence and strengthen your beliefs.

When i started 2knowmyself almost everyone i ever met in my life tried to put me down including my closest family members!! At one point i was about to believe them but thanks God i kept going.

Why do people put others down?

Another factor that can help you know how to deal with someone who puts you down is to understand the reasons behind his behavior. Some people might put you down out of jealousy, others might put you down because they fear that you succeed and leave them behind while a third group might be putting you down because they fear taking risks and they want you to be like them.

History has shown that those who succeed aren't the ones who don't lose hope or never feel down but they are the ones who keep going even if people are putting them down and even if they don't feel good.

In the beginning you will have to swim against the current and do things while everyone is putting you down but as soon as results start to appear everything will be reversed and those who used to put you down will be the ones who will feel down.

In November 2006 everyone was trying to put me down when i started 2knowmyself
In 2010 when i became a dot com millionaire because of 2knomyself Those who used to put me down were not even able to look me in the eye when i met them later on(see How i did it).

Dealing with someone who puts you down is all about not revealing your plans until your beliefs become strong enough so that his negative comments never manage to affect you.

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