Why positive affirmations dont work

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

Why positive affirmations don't work

Affirmations are words and phrases that are used to force the subconscious mind to believe or accept a certain belief.

According to people who believe in affirmations a person lacking self confidence should repeat the phrases such as "I am confident" many times on daily basis until his subconscious mind absorbs the idea.

The reason positive affirmations are very popular is because they are very easy to use. People hate to work hard and prefer to use the easier methods to achieve their goals and that's why affirmations appeal to a large group of people.

Affirmations have temporary effects

Although affirmations are a very powerful tool on the short run still as time passes their strength fades away and everything goes back to its previous state. Unless you make a lifetime commitment to repeating affirmations their effect will disappear as soon as you stop saying them. That's the first draw back of affirmations, who wants to get involved into such a lifetime commitment?

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how affirmations are usually false beliefs that are used to cover the real problem which is lack of self confidence.

This crust becomes thicker as the affirmations grow and thinner as time passes. As soon as the affirmations are stopped the fake confidence crust that was created by them falls and the lack of self confidence appears once again.

Should I use affirmations?

Instead of using affirmations try fixing the root cause behind your lack of self confidence. Find out what's causing your problems and why do you feelinferior to others.

Once you find that root cause work on dealing with it and you will discover that you are not in need of affirmations.

One interesting fact you should know about affirmations is that they can make you feel worse if they didn't match your beliefs!! Research has found that people who repeat affirmations that contradict with their current beliefs usually makes them feel worse. For example saying "i am confident" while you are not will let you end up feeling guilty because your subconscious mind considers the affirmation an attempt of self deception.

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