The psychology of words

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

The psychology of words

Do you know that the words you use everyday have a great impact on your mood and behavior?

An experiment was conducted to find out whether words have a psychological effect on people's moods or not by bringing three groups and giving each of them a word based puzzle to solve.

The first group were given a puzzle that had words like "calm" and “polite”, the second group were given a puzzle that had words like "anger" and "rude" while the third group were given a puzzle that had neutral words.

Right after solving the puzzle they were all asked to leave to another room and on their way they found someone who kept interrupting them and forcing them to wait for a long time. The first group of people who were exposed to the rude words were found to respond more aggressively to the person who wasted their time!!

The second group of people who were exposed to the polite words were more polite to the person who wasted their time while the third group had a neutral response!!!

How the words you use affect your mood and behavior

Its clear from the previous experiment that the words you use get printed in your mind and then affect your way of thinking and performance. Now after knowing about the psychology of words have you asked yourself:

  • What would be the outcome of complaining about things all the time?
  • How your mood would be affected if you kept putting yourself down?
  • How would you feel like if you talked to pessimists or even worse became a pessimistic person

The experiment proved that words have a temporary effect that lasts for sometime right after we get exposed to them but what if you are constantly repeating the same words to yourself over and over?

What if you are always thinking negatively of yourself and of your abilities? Won’t that get reflected in your mood and performance?

In the Solid Self confidence program i explained how people create and fulfill false prophecies just by repeating them in their minds. Lots of people first believe that they are not worthy then keep repeating these statements in their minds until they fulfill the prophecy.

Another experiment was done by a scientist to find whether words affect the structure of water or not. After shouting at water and playing loud noise the water formed inhomogeneous crystals but when good words were said above the water the crystals formed were clear and had a good structure. So what does this has to do with humans? In fact most of the human body is formed of water!!

The psychology of images

Just as words have a psychological effect on our moods images too do have a powerful effect. In my previous article why am i not motivated I explained how staring at an image for a certain period of time can result in changing the way you think for few minutes right after you stop looking at the image.

Now what about the effect of combining images and words together and even adding effects to them? Yes I am talking about movies!!

The movies you watch don’t just change your mood but they program your mind, alter your beliefs and can have a life lasting effect on you!!!

Beware of the words you say and the words you listen to because they can both affect your mood and behavior. Avoid looking at violent images or disgusting ones and never think about watching a movie such as SAW because it might turn you into a sadistic person over time.

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