How can i think positively

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

How can i think positively

The Pepsi company decided one day to make a test to determine whether people prefer Pepsi's taste to coke or not.

They allowed people to take random sips from either Pepsi or coke without knowing which one they were tasting. The result was that most people preferred the taste of pepsi.

The strange thing that happened is that when they repeated the experiment once again while allowing people to know which one they were tasting most of the people preferred coke to pepsi!!

What is happening here?
and what does this experiment has to do with thinking positively?

Positive thinking and your beliefs

Most people who give advice about positive thinking talk about it as if it is some sort of magic that can happen when the person clicks on a button and that's why most of those who follow such advice end up disappointed.

Your thinking pattern, whether its positive or negative depends on only one thing which is your beliefs. Just as you saw in the previous experiment the belief that coke is better made people think that it tastes better even though the previous experiment proved that they preferred the taste of Pepsi.

The same thing exactly happens to your thoughts, if you have negative beliefs then no matter what you do you will end up thinking negatively while if you have positive ones then you will think positively.

How negative beliefs promote negative thinking

If you believe that life is unfair then you will lie to yourself to prove that its unfair just like people who tasted coke lied to themselves.

In such a case you might find yourself procrastinating until you waste your chances in order to prove in the end that life is unfair. The dangerous thing about this process is that it happens on the unconscious level and not on intention.

In my book, The ultimate guide to getting over depression i said that in order to be able to think positively you first need to fix your beliefs and replace the negative ones with positive ones, after you do so you will find yourself thinking positively without exerting any extra effort.

What most people won't tell you is that positive and negative thoughts are just the result of your beliefs. Fix your beliefs and your thoughts will be automatically fixed.

Try to fix your thoughts alone and they will return back to the starting point to prove your beliefs true.

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