How to help someone who broke up

By M.Farouk Radwan, MSc.

how to help someone who broke up

One of the things i can do perfectly is helping someone recover from a severe breakup in no time.

Usually it takes me three days to recover from the worst breakup ever and less than 2 thirty minute sessions to make someone who just broke up feel good.

Since not all people know about me and since you might have a friend who needs to recover and in the same time can't reach me i decided to write this article to tell you how you can help someone who broke up feel better.

Find out the need he was trying to satisfy through relationship

The first thing you need to do to help someone who broke up is to allow them to talk and tell you about their feelings. The reason you should allow them to talk is not to let them vent but to know about the needs they used to satisfy through the relationship they were in.

I was once coaching a Lady who had a severe breakup and she said "I loved him so much, i can never forget him"

My question was, describe the word love and tell me why you loved him?
The main reason i asked her that question is that every person has his own definition for love and each person gets into a relationship to satisfy different needs.

She replied saying "he used to make me feel important, he used to remember my birthdays and used to encourage me all the time"

After she said those few words it became clear to me that she is sad because she lost a source of self confidence not a lover. Because the guy used to make her feel important she now feels worthless and that's why she can't think of living without him.

Examples of needs

In my book How to get over anyone in few days i said that when people break up they might be feeling bad because of loneliness, worrying about the future, feeling worthless, feeling unloved, ego concerns or relationship dependency where people get into relationships to fix their mood.

Behind every breakup you will find reasons causing the pain other than loving the person simply because love is no more than a feeling we get when we find someone who can help us satisfy our unmet needs.

If you want to help a person who broke up then help them satisfy their unmet needs using other ways and they will feel better.

Here is a common example that will make things clearer. All normal people have a need for intimacy. The need for intimacy allows people to feel more connected to others and reduces the amount of loneliness they feel.

If your friend was feeling so lonely after the breakup then probably the need for intimacy is no longer being satisfied and as a result they are feeling bad. Once you help that friend satisfy the need of intimacy by talking to them often or seeing them often then they will recover.

Just remember that helping people recover from breakups is all about understanding their personal needs so that you can help them satisfy those needs without the relationship.

Let them realize they loved a human being

Most people have a tendency to glorify the ones they broke up with and to even believe that they can never be replaced. Again you need to ask your friend about the things they liked the most about their ex then you should point out to them that those are normal things that any person can do.

If for example your friend told you something like: "They used to understand me like no one else" you should then reply saying that any person in the world who has little common sense can understand them too.

The reason so many people never recover from breakups fast is that they can't realize that they can meet someone who is just like the one they were with or even better.

Once you point out this fact to your friend their ability to recover will become much higher.

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